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Bored by the plain taste of industrial beer we have packed curiosity and passion in our beers. You need to be independent to do this and brew what you want!

Next Level Brewing creates unique beers with individual taste for a new generation of beerdrinkers. A modern urban generation focused on independent quality. Our logo with the curious pirate kraken symbolises our focus on independent taste off the mainstream. The only thing we care about is the Codex Alimentarius Austriacus. The Austrian book where is fixed what is allowed to use for brewing beer.


We brew beer off the mainstream commonly called Craft Beer.
Craft Beer formerly was the name for beer from small breweries who really crafted those beers by hand. Nowadays lots of those breweries have grown to large companies. So for us “Craft Beer” should meanwhile be used for beer brewed with spirit, focused on aromatics, from independent breweries. Because of the current shopping tour of XL-Industrial Breweries on international craft breweries, we want to be seen as independent brewery and not the same like the camouflaged craft breweries operated by industrial big beer companies.

Craft is dead, long live Indie Beer!

Founded 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

Since 2015 it’s our mission to brew awesome beer where you can taste our passion. We brew as gipsy brewers in a lot of different breweries in Austria. You can find the info about where we brew our beers within the description of the beers. We are fully transparent.

We are focused on international beer styles that aren’t well known by Austrians and creating beers the world hasn’t tasted. At 2016 Meiningers International Craft Beer Award in Germany we won our first PLATIN Medal with our Lemon Thyme – Freestyle Gose!

At the Austrian Beer Challenge we have won several medals too!

Front Man – 2nd Place 2019 Category Munich Helles!
Local Hero – WINNER 2019, 2nd Place 2018 + 2016 Category American Ales!
The Twister – 2nd Place Category American Ales!
Jail Break – WINNER 2021 & 2019 & 2018 Category New England IPA!
Shake it Baby – 2nd Place 2019, 3rd Place 2018 Category New England IPA!
High Diver – 2nd Place 2017 Category IPA!
Five O’Clock – WINNER 2016 Category IPA + WINNER 2017 Category Creative Beer!
Lemon Thyme – WINNER 2016 Category Spicebeer!

In our first full year 2016 we got „Best New Brewer in Austria“ at RateBeer!


As Austrian brewers we are not affected by the german purity law. We are able to brew what we want. If we get creative on ingredients we only use natural ingredients. We never use concentrate if we brew with fruits. We want to keep it real!


Next Level Brewing was founded by two enthusiastic homebrewers on a mission to bring highly aromatic, unique beer into the world. They want to show that beer can be more than cheap booze. Focused on creating beer by aromatics they sometimes get really creative with their ingredients. Both founders are Beersommeliers and know each other from the Viennese Homebrewscene.

Johannes Grohs is Diplom-Beersommelier and was formerly working in the building industry. He has enough distance to traditional brewing, ingredients or techniques to get creative. Beside the recipe developement process the founders do together, Johannes is responsible for the economic parts.

Alexander Beinhauer is a typical Hop Head, Beersommelier and multiple winner of the Austrian Homebrew Championship. He studied chemistry and has a master degree in biotechnology. Therefore he is responsible to achieve the high aromatic quality standards Next Level Brewing stands for.


Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 12:00 – 19:00 Hrs
Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00 Hrs


Wilhelmstraße 23, 1120 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 974 46 27 (at opening hours)
Email: beer[at]