As Irish as possible! | Red Patrick – Irish Red Ale

New beer alert: Red Patrick, a Irish Red Ale is the first Irish inspired beer we ever brewed. Not only that, Red Patrick is also Next Level Brewing’s first special  that we brewed in collaboration with our home brew shop MashCamp!

Brewed according to the original recipe from the “Red Patrick” all grain beer recipe kit, the Irish Red Ale is a typical irish ale that you would find in a pub in Ireland. Our Red Patrick pours beautifully bright red and has subtle bready, toasty malt aromas on the palate and nose that are also reminiscent of toffee and caramel. Light in bitterness and alcohol content, our Irish Red Ale is a beer for every drinking situation.

Irish Red Ales have been brewed in Ireland for over 300 years, first in Kilkenny in 1710 at Smithwicks Brewery. The Kilkenny and Smithwicks brands are still available worldwide today as the best-known representatives of the style. Typical for the beer style, as with Red Patrick, is a malty, but rather slim body with a subtle bitterness. The reddish or copper-red color typical for the style often comes exclusively from a small amount of roasted barley, instead of a variety of caramel malts, which creates an authentically dry finish.

Like our previous beers Coldfinger & Jail Break, Red Patrick was also bottled in cans. The can offers 100% light protection, a very important thing for the aromatic stability of beers. Furthermore, it saves shipping weight and does not break as easily as glass during shipping.

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