Beach vibes only! | Viva la Mexico – Mexican Lager

New beer alert! Our newest beer, Viva la Mexico – Mexican Lager is a thirst quencher like no other! Displaying a wondeful golden colour, our Mexican Lager is characterized by particularly high drinkability thanks to its subtle body. The malt bill, consisting of Pilsner malt, CaraPils® and 10% corn flakes, gives the beer a wonderfully light and slightly grainy body.

Using Crystal as an aroma hop brings wonderfully refreshing citrus notes, so adding lime to the beer is no longer necessary. As usual, you can purchase the Mexican Lager individually or in a box of 24 in the MashCamp web shop -> click HERE to get the beer!

Viva la Mexico is the third collaboration beer from Next Level Brewing in  partnership with our homebrew shop MashCamp. This means, our Mexican Lager can also be brewed at home for hobby brewers using the original recipe!

Additional Info:
Malt: Pilsner, Flaked Corn & CaraPils®
Hops: Crystal
Yeast: Lallemand LalBrew® NovaLager™

Maltiness: Icon_MalzIcon_MalzIcon_Malz-NOTIcon_Malz-NOTIcon_Malz-NOTIcon_Malz-NOTIcon_Malz-NOTIcon_Malz-NOT
Bitterness: Icon_HopfenIcon_HopfenIcon_Hopfen-NOTIcon_Hopfen-NOTIcon_Hopfen-NOTIcon_Hopfen-NOTIcon_Hopfen-NOTIcon_Hopfen-NOT

OG: 11,7°P
IBU: 22
Can: 0,33 l EW
ABV: 4,9% Vol.

PARTNER: Biermanufaktur Loncium, Kötschach-Mauthen, Kärnten, Österreich
INGREDIENTS: Water, Malt, Flaked Corn, Yeast, Hops.

As with all of Next Level’s other beers, the Mexican Lager was filled in cans. The can offers 100% light protection, a very important thing in the aromatic stability of beers. Furthermore, it saves shipping weight and does not break as easily as glass during shipping.

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