We are turning one!

We turn one – a good reason to celebrate! Together with Beer Store Vienna who turns two at the same time we will party, on Monday, November 28, 2016 starting at 5 pm.  There will also be our “Bitter Freak – Brutal IPA” on tap. Save the date. See you there!
Where: Beer Store Vienna, Wilhelmstraße 23, 1120 Wien

The Anniversary Quiz!
At the party will be asking you 5 tricky questions about Next Level Brewing and beer in general. Come to our anniversary, answer the questions, take part in our anniversary raffle and win a Next Level Brewing Hoodie!

When and where did Johannes and Alexander first meet?
A In November 2014 at the Craft Bier Fest, at Ankerhalle Vienna, Austria
B In Spring 2013, at the Bier IG home-brewing regulars’ meeting
C In September 2014, at a product presentation hosted by Hopsteiner in Mainburg, Germany

2) How much hops is used in gram per litre for our Bitter Freak – Brutal IPA? As a reference: Pale Lagers are hopped with 1 to 1,5 grams.
A 19 gram
B 22 gram
C 27 gram

3) What is yeast?
A bacteria
B enzyme
C fungus

4) How many different types of Next Level Brewing beer have already been brewed for the market – not including test batches?
A 9
B 10
C 11

5) On which eye does the Octopus-Pirate in our logo wear its eye-patch?
A the right eye
B the left eye
C the third eye

21. November 2016

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