Cool drinks for hot summer days!

Cocktails made out of beer are the newest trend. To make classic cocktails famous again the bar tenders redesign the traditional recipes.

We decided to create our own mind-blowing beer cocktails with Next Level Brewing beer which will make even non-beer drinkers love them.

Our Lemon Thyme was used for our first creation – the interpretation of the classic Juan Collins. You will find the recipe for this marvellous cocktail below.

1 bottle 0,33L Lemon Thyme
3cl lemon juice
3cl agave syrup
4,5cl Tequila Reposado
black olives
thyme sprigs

Shake Tequila, lemon juice and agave syrup with a thyme sprig and ice cubes. Then strain it over ice cubes into a longdrink glas. Use the Lemon Thyme to fill it up as much as you like and decorate the cocktail with some black olives and another thyme sprig.



If you are curious try the Lemon Thyme cocktail of Timo’s Liviving Room, Viennas first beer cocktail bar!

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