Cocktail Classic Revived by Next Level Brewing

We want to introduce our newest revision of cocktail classics. This time we re-interpretated the Porn Star Martini with our marvelous Tropical Passion – Passion Fruit Ale.

The recipe of the intensive -tropical juicy, sweet-sour cocktail can only be found below!

1 bottle 0,33L Tropical Passion – Passion Fruit Ale
2,5cl vanilla flavoured vodka
2,5cl passion fruit puree
2,5cl passion fruit liquor
2,5cl apple juice
½ teaspoon vanilla sugar
1 half of a passion fruit

Shake the vodka, apple juice, passion fruit liquor and the passion fruit puree as well as the ½ teaspoon vanilla sugar with ice cubes. Pour the mixture into a martini glas. Cut the passion fruit into halves and put one half of it into the cocktail, as it is usual for the original Porn Star Martini. Serve a shot of Tropical Passion next to the cocktail instead of Champagne. Either put the Tropical Passion into the cocktail, or enjoy it separatly to the drink.


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