The Spirit of IPA: The essence of the High Diver

The Spirit of IPA is the essence of our rewarded High Diver IPA.

So this is the only way to touch the ground of the sea – where your attention is attracted by a fruity swarm of hops.

Tendrils are overwhelming you – and in a flash you are totally surrounded by this fascinating flavour.

Tentacles start to embrace you, pulling you down deeper – until you reach the ground…that´s what you think…

But then you recognize that you´ve found it:

The Spirit of Octopus – the Spirit of IPA

Bierbrand – made of our High Diver India Pale Ale with 41%vol. octopus-power

You will find extremly fruity hop oils in this unique mild Bierbrand. For sure you have never tasted something like that!
700 litre of our former High Diver IPA got distilled in autumn 2017 just to get 200 limited bottles of this great spirit!
Get one till it’s gone forever!


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