A new year, a new NEIPA! Jukebox IPA | Hazy IPA

Our octopus just can’t get enough of hoppy beers! Our newest release, Jukebox IPA, turned out  a real hop grenade again. The fantastic aroma hops Idaho7, Sultana and Vic Secret lend our newest Juicy IPA wonderful tropical-fruity notes of pineapple, peach, guava and passion fruit. It really is  summer vacation feeling in a glass! When poured properly, our Hazy IPA appears bright golden yellow , wonderfully murky and is accompanied by a bombproof foam that lasts for days.

Perfectly drinkable at 6.1% vol. , the Jukebox IPA is a full-bodied beer that makes you want more with every sip.

Dry-hopped with Idaho7, Sultana, and Vic Secret.

With this beer we have created a particularly fruity and juicy IPA through particularly late addition of hops and dry hopping!

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